Thursday, October 1, 2009


25 years ago my parents planted a small grove of bamboo in the backyard, thinking how unique it would be. That small grove now consumes a quater of the backyard and nearly 1/2 of the nieghbor's backyard. Its still unique, but it's evasive. It goes where it wants to. It sends runners out to the middle of the yard, and all my parents can do is mow them. They can't stop them because they have no idea where the runners are. All they can do is wait, watch, and mow.

Anxiety is like bamboo. It's unique in its affect. Its evasive. And you can never know where its going to spring up. All you can do is watch.

I have grown to love bamboo. I like how resiliant it is. It just happens to be the fastest growing plant on earth. Its strong. It can be used for many things. It bends but doesn't break. I think I want to be like bamboo. Maybe that way, when anxiety comes up, I won't be so afraid. Maybe I'll bend and not break. Maybe I'll become evasive, taking it over.

There's an old saying, it's easier to plant grass than pick weeds.