Friday, October 2, 2009


There is a lot of emphasis placed on walking with God in scripture. Enoch walked with God. Noah walked with God. And so on. I am currently reading Isaiah. Chapter 2 talks about walking in His paths and walking in the light of the Lord. The Apostle Paul speaks a lot about walking in a manner worthy of your calling, or walking in a manner worthy of the Gospel. The word for walk in Greek is also used for live. I like walk better because its more active. Many of us are alive, but are we walking towards something? Are we walking with purpose?

There are days when I just feel alive. I'm not walking. Probably sitting or crawling. The psalms are great for sitting or crawling. We are not able to walk all the time. There are times for sitting. But, when I walk am I walking with God or am I walking by myself. Sitting and crawling can be purposeful. They are places of rest and humility. They are essential. When we walk, do we walk in such a way that we forget what it was like to sit and crawl, and do we take notice of those we're walking past who are still sitting or crawling?

If we walk, let us walk with the Lord, in his light, and let us not pass by those who need to be encouraged who are still sitting or crawling.