Monday, February 4, 2008


Last night I watched was has been labled one of, if not the, greatest upsets in professional sports; the Giants beating the Patriots. Was it an upset, or a clash between two professional teams, relying on talent, skill, and team work? Sure the Patriots entered with an ubeaten record, and the Giants were 0-2 at the start of the season, and entered the playoffs as a wildcard, but the Giants are also professional athletes with the same goal as the Patriots, win the Super Bowl. If your goal as a NFL player is anything less, then why suit up?

Perspective is a tricky thing. You can either be at the bottom of a well looking up, or and the edge of it looking down. You can be called by God to a significant ministry, and that calling may include (and often does) suffering. You can be Moses, prohibited from entering the promise land, or Joshua, leading the people in.

In my own experience of wrestling with depression, perspective is elussive. I have to return to what is true. I have to discipline my mind to return to what I know to be true and to what I have been told is true, because otherwise, my mind rationalizes scenerios that are rooted in my sense of fear and anxiety.

God's word for me, and my faith are like an anchor, sure and steadfast. God's word helps to recalibrate my mind to what is significant and worthy when my mind is easily trapped by the immediate or corrosive. Culture shifts its values and perspective, when God's word is steadfast. Cutlure elevates the fleating, when God's word lifts up the eternal. Culture holds to a form of Godliness, but denies the power. God's word, through the Holy Spirit, releases power.

God, thank you for your word, and its truth. Help me to live in the reality of your truth, and not in mine. Forgive me for denying the truth of your word, and living in my fear and anxiety, and accepting it. Help me to live your truth so that others might live it as well. Amen