Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Being Steadfast

You may never know the kind of impact you will have on someone, and then there are days when you get a call from someone whom you've helped shape for Christ.

I got such a call today from a friend I worked with over 10 years ago at a coffee shop I managed. I had no idea that this young person would ever go from being in high school, grappling with faith, playing oboe, and pouring coffee to pursuing an MDiv and ordination in PCUSA. They just called to share their enthusiasm and to say thanks for being there from the beginning. It has been absolutely fun to watch the progress and transformation from afar via email and phone calls, and I look forward to a future cup of coffee.

To share in this journey is not a confirmation of my gifts and abilities, but a confirmation of the gospel itself. It changes lives. Our part, as Woody Allen puts it, is to “show up”, and as Paul puts it,” be ready”.

You can not underestimate the need to be consistent, and the impact of being faithful will have on another person's journey. I was not working in a church. I wasn’t ordained. I was just pouring coffee, managing a shop, as a Christ follower.

Jesus, thank you for allowing me to share in the journey of another disciple. Thank you for reminding me to be consistent in the demonstration and proclamation of the Gospel. May the good work you began in us be completed in the transformation of other’s lives.