Monday, February 18, 2008

The Oscars

I admit, I haven't seen the recent nominees, but my sense is that they don't make movies the way they used to. Not much time is spent on dialogue when you have special effects. I posted a video link below of one of my favorite movies, The Lion in Winter. I pray you enjoy it. It’s a classic.

The Lion in Winter


Miss Kim said...

Wow - this brought back memories of how you and Joline would make us watch movies like this (and actually I believe you made us watch this one!) And we are forever grateful! And we miss that chili with chocolate too - but most of all we miss you guys!

MountainMan said...

A most impressive cinematic excerpt, filled with creative energy and moving dialogue. I couldn't agree with you more -- Hollywood has in modern times embraced flash and dazzle in place of solid substance. And we are the worse for it. Thanks for sharing this golden video nugget. Go, Team Atkins!