Tuesday, June 3, 2008

The Trinity and Community

Does the reality of the Trinity affect the way you follow Jesus? Does it affect your worship? Is it something you merely observe or experience and participate in? If God lives within community how does it affect the reality that we live within community?

I'm not sure either . . . . but I want to find out.

This summer I'm making the focus of my study the impact the reality of the Trinity has on how we worship, love, and live with each other.

Join me on my quest. If you have questions log them in and I'll try to respond as I come across what may appear to be an answer.

I have begun reading Participating in God, A pastoral doctrine of the Trinity. This has been the book most suggested to me by scholars whom I trust. Don't expect a book review this Friday, but I will be posting thoughts along the way and letting you know where I am in my reading of this book and others.