Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Strange Times. . .End Times?

Barack Obama wins the Democratic nomination, the Cubs have won 9 straight, and an unidentified species of fish is found in a lake in Utah . . . .not bad things in themselves, but . . .when looked at as a whole. . . hmmmmmm?

Now, major catastrophes experienced by Burma and China are no laughing matter,and point to the reality that we live in a fallen world. Its not those things that really peak my interest and curiosity. Its the things that have the appearance of being good that scare me.

Am I a conspiracy theorist? Yes. I still believe in Big Foot, or as I like to call him, Sasquatch. I believe the deaths of JFK and Marylin Monroe are intertwined. And there is no humanly possible way a show like The View should be on t.v. without some agreement made in the bowls of hell.

How then shall we live? As if today could be the last, and as if there will be a thousand tomorrows. Its not for us to know times and epochs, but to repent in light of knowing what we know today.

Go Cubs!