Wednesday, April 9, 2008

American Pastor !

With Billy Grahm's health fading, and the resignation of three teaching pastors at Willow Creek I think its time we join the band wagon of culture and search for who might be America's next pastor. My panel would be Rev. Melissa Scott, Rev. Tony Evans, and the Rev. Andrew Purves .

Contestants would give 3 minute "sermonettes" on a passage of scripture or element of theology chosen at random ( I got this idea from Dr. Larson). The panel would then give their critique and either pass them on to the next round or "turn them over to Satan".

Once the contestants are narrowed down to 12 ( like the symbolism) they would then have to give thematic sermons, such as: Revival, Healing, Evangelistic, Missional, ect. The winner would be determined by calling in, and the grand prize would be determined to be America's Next Pastor; teaching at Willow Creek for the next three years.

How do we get this started?

( I pray you understand that this is just a cheeky way of poking fun at our culture as Americans. I did not chose the pannel of pastors to make fun of them or to endorse them. I randomly chose three pastors whom I thought had different approaches to faith. If you want to know whom I would find the most commonality with, it would be Andrew Purves. I am also not criticizing Willow Creek or its ministries as they have done great work for the Kingdom. It just so happens they're in Chicago and are probably searching for pastors, and are commonly known within the US.)