Thursday, April 3, 2008


OK, so my 39th birthday is next month . .May 22nd, in case you were asking. . .and I'm realizing that 40 is just around the corner. 30 wasn't bad. I felt like I was moving towards something. . .significant. Now I'm feeling like I am being hurled forward towards something . . . less significant.

I'm not a big celebrator of birthdays. The last couple of years has been rewarded with a pat on the back, and a nice card from my wife and kids. I'm not expecting anything different this year, and don't desire it either, yet I am feeling the need to move back towards something significant.

Albeit, age is not the factor, only a sign post, or indicator of elapsed time, and turning 40 seems less of a big deal, but I don't want it to pass by like any other year either.

So, pray with and for me that 39 will be a year of renewal, revelation, and significance for me and Team Atkins.