Friday, March 14, 2008

Making Everything Spiritual

I freely admit I had a man-crush on Rob Bell when I first saw his Nooma videos and read Velvet Elvis. I also continually thought "Who is this punk? What does he have to say? And, man, I have got to get some new clothes."

Rob has been doing a tour called "Everything is Spiritual". Something I resonate with. At the same time, I try making everything spiritual.

Case in point. My wife and I are probably going to sell one of our cars, mine of course, and so I have been walking to work. No big deal, about 1 1/2 miles, roughly 25 to 30 minute walk. On the way into work, I thought this walk can help me better understand the needs of the poor and how women in Africa have to walk greater distances every day to get water. At this point, I stopped in my tracks, and asked myself "George, why are you trying to spiritualize this? What are you trying to do?"

The answer came to me just as fast as the question. "You want people to think of you more highly than they should, and you want to have a good answer if people ask. Its all about image."

Now, what did I like about walking? I had some good alone time. I saw houses and places in a way I'm not able to going 35mph. I said 'Hi' to people, and they said 'Hi" back. I didn't have to spiritualize it because it all ready was.


Anonymous said...

This is an interesting insight George. I think that most of us are guilty of this without realizing it. We are always trying to spiritualize things that are already spiritual.

Why then do you think we are so quick to "business-ify" things that should be so obviously spiritual, i.e. church, evangelism, relationships...

G- said...

I think we business-ify things like church, evangelism, relationships, church because we are very into being productive. We're about quantity.

I know that I am guilty of business-ifying things because I have to have something to show for what I receive a pay check.

So, evangelism, church, relationships become matters of convenience; what and how can they serve me better.

Spiritual disciplines are victims of this as well. We practice them not to become more acquainted with Jesus, but so that they advance us in the eyes of other people.